NC Hydraulic Press Brake

  • Range : 40 MT to 800 MT
  • Length : 2000 mm to 6000 mm


  • Cybelec CybTouch 8P Controller.
  • Punch Quick Release Clamp European Standard.
  • Punch hardened in segment cr42, European style top tool.
  • Quick changeover for sample production & mass production.
  • 7” Touch screen Press brake controller from Cybelec Switzerland.
  • User friendly Colour Touch screen for easy programming.
  • Two axis automatic control – bending degree (Y Axis) & back gauge (X-Axis) program.
  • Multiple bends with different back gauge positions can be programmed.
  • 200 programs & 24 bends with individual back gauge positions in one program.
  • Different 50 punches and Dies can be stored.
  • The back gauge repeated position accuracy within ±0.1mm.
  • Bend angle & depth mode programme can be possible.
  • Programmable back gauge retraction.
  • Programmable angle correction & back gauge correction.
  • Programmable open height on each bend.
  • Suitable for upgradation with special optional features.
  • High-speed back gauge movement by AC servo drive.
  • Smooth and Sturdy back gauge assembly equipped with hardened ball screw Hiwin.
  • Hiwin Linerar Guide Rail & timer belt.
  • Movable Backgauge fingers withe height adjustable Z stopper.

Quick Release Clamp European Standard.


  • Material: C45
  • Available sections Punch: 835 mm solid ; 415 mm solid, 805 mm sectioned , Solid piece L=835 mm
  • Sectioned pieces with total L=805 mm:[Horn L 100 mm + 10 mm + 15 mm + 20 mm + 40 mm + 50 mm + 200 mm + 270 mm + Horn R 100 mm]
Angle H R Max t/m
85° 66,65 0,5 100
88° 66,65 0,5 100


The Intuitive Programming
CybTouch 8P For Press Brakes as CybTouch's range entry model, CybTouch 8P is designed specifically for conventional (torsion bar) 2-axis press brakes.
The very intuitive interface of CybTouch 8P is displayed on a bright color touch screen, which is housed in a sleek and robust panel designed for a high integration of functions ; all this at a competitive price.
Thanks to its large keys, online help, simplified software and many other automatic functions that constantly guide the operator, CybTouch 8P is as simple as a positioner control.

Configuration : Axes configuration, inputs/outputs and auxiliary functions can be made to precisely fit the specific needs of the machine. The valves management function allows the NC to easily adapt to various types of hydraulic sequences.

EasyBend page
Provides immediate easy use of the machine: a second operator can briefly interrupt production without changing the program when an urgent bend is required.

Memory capacity :
  • 50 Punches
  • 50 Dies
  • 200 Programs
  • 24 Sequences per program
  • 10 Materials

X – Axis NC back gauge

  • X - Axis working length 0.0 to 550mm Back gauge assembly equipped with hardened ball screw Hiwin, Linerar Guide Rail & timer belt
  • Multiple bends with different back gauge positions can be programmed.Movable Backgauge fingers withe height adjustable Z stopper,High-speed back gauge movement by AC servo drive. The back gauge repeated position accuracy within ±0.1mm.
  • Our standard press brake is equipped with CNC controlled back gauge that automatically adjusts the X(depth) and R (manual) axes to ensure your material is always positioned accurately, resulting in higher quality finished parts. Axis movements are driven by Mitsubishi AC Servo Motors and Mitsubishi drives.
  • Using the best components, such as HIWIN linear guides, ball screws, our back gauge movements are fast and precise,with X-axis Speeds. The correct back gauge for the application can have a substantial positive influence on production part volume and accuracy.
  • The more intricate the parts, typically the more axes on the back gauge you should have. Volume of parts needs to be considered also. A smart, experienced brake press operator can bend, form and produce some very intricate parts without even a single axis back gauge. However, the more time it takes to form the correct part, the more costs you have in the part. So the best scenario would be to have an experienced operator with the correct back gauge system that will magnify their skills. But in today’s market, smart, experienced Press Brake operators are getting hard to find. So the correct back gauge for the application will decrease costs per part by helping to make a good press operator, a great one. The less experience an operator is the more axes you should have. Also, experienced operators know the benefit of correct back gauge for applications.